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on-camera: acting and directing actors

This 2 day intensive hands-on course was devised to make actors and directors feel confident and ready, training them in the dense, precise naturalist style that Matheus has used in order to successfully build his carrier in film and series. 

Being a talented actor or director many times doesn't translate into getting hired as much as one could and one key factor is confidence. Self-efficacy builds confidence.


So in this fresh and dynamic method, actors and directors work together on scenes from scripts from the get-go, filming the exercises, doing re-takes, acclimatising all to the dynamic of a shoot. Contemporary scripts are used, pushing the class to train seamless contemporary naturalist acting, while relying on time-tested principles from Stanislavski’s system, plus elements from Adler, Meisner and Strasberg.


Whether you’re dealing with gritty social realism or grounded comedy, this accurate school of acting and directing will give you tools that will always give you the needed results - and confidence.


Actors will find easier to hit the notes that scenes ask and to trust what they’ve done independent of how they feel that day (or how little feedback they got from their directors). Directors will train how to communicate with actors with precision, and how to choose the right tools to make needed scene adjustments, even under time pressure.

with matheus parizi

A two days intensive course in which actors and directors learn while filming scenes from contemporary scripts.

Nov 18-19 2023


language: English


€ 300

Limited to 6 participants: 4 acting, 2 directing

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“I was part of the first class taught by Matheus Parizi, which added valuable lessons to my artistic career. I recommend it to all professionals who want to pursue a career in directing or to actors who want to gain new knowledge geared towards the audiovisual industry. Long life!!!”

Leo Moreira Sá (Renato in HBO series Psi)

Trans actor, artivist, screenwriter, lighting designer

 [Matheus Parizi taught two online editions of the course during the pandemic at Instituto de Cinema]

Matheus Parizi is a Brazilian scriptwriter and director working in film, streaming and television. His films have been screened and awarded at festivals and institutions that include the Venice Film Festival, Rotterdam IFFR, London BFI, IndieLisboa, Tiradentes, Havana, Aspen, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Yale, Instituto Moreira Salles and the Cinemateca Uruguaia. He created and was one of the writers/directors of three three-season comedy series No Divã do Dr. Kurtzman (2013-2015 Canal Brasil) and has worked as a writer and diretor in different streaming series.


Matheus also works as a script consultant, acting coach and teacher for scriptwriting, directing and acting. He holds a B.A. in Performing Arts | Theatre major from PUC-SP (with emphasis in Stanislavski's system) and was trained in elements of Adler, Meisner and Strasberg (NYC). As a hobbie, he also does stand up comedy in Germany and Brazil.

His short films include Instruções para chorar (2023), Primeiro Ato (2019), Bruma (2017) and O Afinador (2012). In 2019, at the invitation of the Mostra Internacional de Teatro de São Paulo for a commissioned work, Matheus directed the film-essay Enquanto falávamos sobre performatividades políticas eu ocasionalmente roubava vozes e rostos.


Matheus is an alumni of Torino Film Lab’s advanced script development program Script & Pitch. He is a recipient of the Núcleos Criativos Feature Film Script Development Fund (2016), the Prêmio Estímulo Short Film Production Fund Award (2015), the Brazilian Ministry of Culture’s Exchange Fund (2013), was awarded with the RPT2 Channel Acquisition Award (2012) and received honourable mentions from the SIGNIS Award (2012), the Los Angeles International Latino Film Festival (2013) and the Cine Tamoio (2019). His works also have been nominated for the Youtube Award (2012) and the Golden Firebird Award (2013).


Currently, he post-produces his latest short-film, as he develops a new series and finances his first feature-length.

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