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instructions for crying

matheus parizi

fiction / HD / short film / in post-production

Rui, a photojournalist who covers social-environmental conflicts, is in tears while talking on the phone to his psychoanalyst.


with Lui Seixas, Matheus Parizi, Sofia Botelho, João Lucas Owau, Zeca Mallembah | screenwriter, director and producer Matheus Parizi | research Matheus Parizi, João Lucas Owau e Avener Prado | director of photography Daniel Oliveira | gaffer Gabriel do Nascimento | sound designer Tales Manfrinato | assistant director Matheus Parizi | script consultant and editor Tomás von der Osten | still photographies Victor Moriyama | voice-over recorder Natália Cruz | production designer, costume and make-up Matheus Parizi | props Matheus Parizi and Tales Manfrinato | voice-over recording studio Confraria de Sons e Charutos | sound design/mix Jonathan Macías | color correction Alexandre Cristófaro | post-production Clandestino | post prod coordinator Gabriel Alvim | customer service Elciane Silva | subtitles ETC Filmes | commercial Milena Larissa | accessibility and translations & subtitles Beatriz dos Santos | composer Thomas Ragsdale | poster and postcards Caroline Corleone

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